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Forever and a Day (Lucky Harbor, #6)

Forever and a Day (Lucky Harbor, #6) - Jill Shalvis Forever and a Day is book 6 in Jill's...wait a second, this is book SIX!? I've already read up to book SIX!? OMG, that means all I have left is book 6.5 and then I HAVE TO WAIT FOR MORE LUCKY HARBOR BOOKS! *sniffle*

Guess it's pretty obvious after my overly dramatic beginning to this review, that Forever and a Day is another fabulous book from Jill Shalvis! Dr. Josh runs a private practice by his lonesome, works in the ER, volunteers when needed, all on top of being a single father and a surrogate father to his 21 year-old paraplegic sister. He's overworked, exhausted, overwhelmed, and somehow still manages to be one supremely sexy McHottie!

Grace is everything Josh needs--and I'm not just talking about a dogwalker or nanny. It may begin that way, but it grows into so much more. Grace becomes, out of necessity at first, the glue keeping the Scott family together. Their relationship progresses slowly, each admitting to an attraction but not wanting it. Josh doesn't have time for a relationship and Grace has no desire to be another doctor's afterthought. But with chemistry like theirs, only time is needed before they succumb. Grace slips so easily into Josh's life, is truly there for him, and this wonderful man falls hard.

Then there's Anna, Josh's sister, who's bitter and resentful. She's struggling with guilt, having been the only survivor in an accident that killed their parents when she was 16. I kept having to remind myself what she must be feeling because it was really hard to like her at moments. Little Toby, Josh's son, desperately wants a mother. Josh tries to be everything for everyone but he knows his family has to come first. I love that he gets that. I love how he decides nothing is worth missing out on the important stuff--and the important people in his life.

Jill has a talent for tearing me up with heart-wrenching scenes and then, not two pages over, I find myself laughing and snorting with glee over something hilarious! It's such a gift to read her books.

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