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Baby, It's Cold Outside (Seattle Steam, #2.5)

Baby, It's Cold Outside (Seattle Steam, #2.5) - Shelli Stevens Check your reality card in at the door, because this book reeked of the unbelievable!

We have a woman trying to hail a cab in the snow when a car darts across two lanes and pulls to a stop right in front of her. A man gets out and offers her a ride. The man looks vaguely familiar, but she can't place him. Oh, that's right -- he's her cheating ex-boyfriend's cousin. She met him once last summer at a barbecue. Oh yeah, she suddenly remembers thinking how hot he was back then and that he couldn't keep his eyes off her.

*deadpan look*

So she gets in the car with the guy and next thing ya know, they're off on a secluded road having sex in the car while waiting for the pass to be cleared of snow. When they finally make it to the party at her cousin's house, they're pretty much snowed in for the duration of Christmas.

*crickets chirping*

All I could think was she's a prime example of what a woman should NEVER EVER EVER do!!! Don't get in cars with virtual strangers, even the sexy guy you think you remember from a barbecue months before. Serial rapists/killers like to eat barbecue, too. They even have families. And she not only had sex with the guy, but ended up snowed in for days.

Just, no. God no. *cringe*