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...willing to go all night!
Charade - Nyrae Dawn This is the second book I've read by Nyrae Dawn and, let me tell ya, I will never hesitate to read something she's written. Ever. Never, ever!

In Charade, Nyrae navigates the sometimes beautiful, sometimes tragic ways life serves you lessons. And there's a lot of tragedy between Cheyenne and Colt. They are both so damaged, so beautifully flawed, both in need of the other. I felt honored to witness their growth and deepening love. The scenes with Colt's mother ripped me apart at the seams! I was a blubbering idiot the final 10% of Charade.

I must admit, after the first few chapters, I thought I was reading a 2 star (maybe 3 star) book. However, with every page I turned, I became even more invested in this couple until I found myself unable to put it down! Their romance begins as a game, a charade, but it doesn't take long for it to become real. This book's message is clear: play the hand you're dealt, learn to leave it behind to move on, and know that love--with the right person--can be healing.

Thank you, Nyrae, for penning a book that is forever stamped on my heart.

PS. Colt's best friend, Adrian, is getting his own book, [b:Facade|16150320|Facade (Games, #2)|Nyrae Dawn|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1353081891s/16150320.jpg|21985997], in spring 2013! I.CANNOT.WAIT!!