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The Gamble (Colorado Mountain, #1)

The Gamble (Colorado Mountain, #1) - Kristen Ashley If you looked up the words "stubborn", "fiesty", "opinionated", and "attitude", the definition would be: Nina Sheridan.

Nina is my most favorite Kristen Ashley heroine (to date)! The woman practically sparkles with sass, and she isn't afraid of giving it to ANYONE she sees fit to give it to. Case in point, Nina tells Max what I've been thinking during every KA book I've read...

"Babe," he replied, grinning then said no more.
Still being helpful, I explained, "I know you think that word speaks volumes but, I have to tell you, it actually doesn't."

LOL! See, total sass. She doesn't shy away speaking her mind; probably the lawyer in her. And I loved it! Every hero needs a mouthy woman. It keeps things exciting! ;-)

Max had the ability to make me melt and break my heart all at the time. When he finally opens up to Nina about his deceased wife, I was a basket case. He ripped my friggin' heart out, stomped all over it, then somehow managed to heal it and make everything better. I'm pretty certain Nina felt the same way.

Okay, so let me break down for you all I intensely loved about this book (besides the H/h):

♥ The part Nina plays in helping to heal Mindy; including a physical altercation with Mindy's ex-boyfriend, a terrifying dive into a raging river and the subsequent intervention.
♥ Nina's confrontation with her father.
♥ The moment Max tells Niles (Nina's ex) off in a very point-making way.
♥ Nina's mother & her husband, Steve! If you think Nina is a little nutty, just wait'll you meet her mom.
♥ All the secondary character that are so vividly written I swear I knew them all.
♥ Speaking of secondaries, I have special love for Norm and Gladys.
♥ Max & Nina have some serious chemistry that will leave you breathless!
♥ The conversations Nina has in her head with her deceased brother, Charlie.
♥ The part Charlie plays at the end of the book! *grab lots of tissues!!!!*
♥ Another fantastic epilogue! *again, grab lots of tissues!!!!*

There's things I didn't like, too. Such as how long it took Max to tell Nina about his deceased wife. I, also, wanted to throw him off his precious bluff when they fought after he found out she knew about Anna (the deceased wife) and hadn't told him she knew. Men! Hmmph! While there was a lot of stuff in this book I hadn't read before in a KA novel, there were things I'm beginning to realize might be in every KA novel--tons of descriptive things I could care less about, overindulgence of endearments, scene backtracking (I find it stunts the flow of the story at times when she goes back to tell us something that happened hours/days/months before in lengthy detail), and the climatic kidnapping where the hero must save his woman!

Really, I can't complain about these things too much. It's obvious I keep coming back for more and loving it. I've decided to face the cold, hard, truth. Kristen Ashley's books are like a drug and she's the dealer. Let's just hope I don't go into withdrawals before I get my next fix of uber-alpha yumminess!

A very impressive 4.5 stars!
I deducted a point out of sheer frustration over the whole Nina/Max/deceased wife/big fight thing. Then, I awarded half a point for the way Max tracks Nina down afterward and makes it better.