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Learning Curves

Learning Curves - Elyse Mady Leanne and Brandon appear to be complete opposites, but couldn't be more alike. They each struggle with feelings of being good enough. I enjoyed Learning Curves, mostly. There were inconsistencies that drew me away from the story.

For example:
- At one point, Leanne is standing and Brandon takes a seat on the couch. In the next instance, he's apparently standing in front of her and she's wrapping her arms around his neck. However, there was no mention in the change of his position.
- Brandon mentions how he saw Leanne's resemblance to her father in her eyes, and some other features. Then half a page down, he says Leanne looked just like her mother in her eyes and hands. So, whose eyes does she have? Her father's or her mother's?

It was little things such as those that jarred me out of the story, but overall, it was a pleasurable reading experience. Especially, when the evil Gillian gets what's coming to her!

2.5 stars!