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Just Gotta Say

Just Gotta Say - Laura Kaye I was lookin' for something quick & sexy to read this afternoon when I came across Karla's review of Just Gotta Say. After a moment of snickering, I decided to give it a shot. I rarely read menage books, but if the mood (eh-hem) strikes, I'll go for it!

Callie witnesses her roomies & best buds, Noah and Jack, getting hot & heavy. After a week of being unable to erase that delicious memory from her mind, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Armed with a bag full of toys, and ready to take advantage of her empty apartment while the guys are at a game, she gets down to business. Lucky for her, the Goddess must've been granting wishes that day, because her three roomies come home early. I just about died when Lucas, Jack, and Noah barged in during Callie's private playtime! The guys thought she was in trouble, and after they got an eye-full of what she was doing, she really was a sinful amount of trouble!

The nice thing about this sexy lil' novella is the sweet lil' romance. Callie may have lust in her eyes for all 3 of her boys, but she loves just one--Lucas. And he loves her. I liked how the night forces them to admit their feelings. Oh boy were Jack & Noah hot together, too!

Just Gotta Say made me think of one of those late-night Cinesmutmax movies specifically aimed at lonely women sitting at home wishing she had a big, strapping man (or in this case 3 men) to cater to her every fantastical whim. Not that I would know this from experience. *shaking head* No, not at all! This is merely a read for the sake of fantasy, but there's quite a bit of emotion packed into the short number of pages.

4 wet panties...umm...I meant stars! ;-)