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Relentless (Aspen, #1)

Relentless (Aspen, #1) - Cindy Stark 4.5 stars!

Lies in a small town have a way of ruining a person's life. For Luke, he's spent eight years trying to overcome the damage done by those lies. Just when he thinks he's gaining ground, the woman who tarnished his reputation comes back to town...along with a woman Luke can't deny a fierce attraction to.

Lily's unsure of what she's landed in the middle of, but she owes her friend, Hannah, her loyalty. The sexy cowboy making her smile and yearn for forever is strictly off-limits! Then, Lily begins to get to know Luke. Despite her friend's blatant hatred of Luke, there's many townspeople who seem to like him. Lily's a smart woman, and soon she begins to form her own opinion of him.

I really admired Lily's ability to think for herself. She's a good friend, but when things feel wrong to her, she isn't afraid to with her gut! Luke is a great hero! He wants a chance with Lily, but knows how unlikely that is to happen with Hannah feeding her lies. He won't tell Lily what happened, believes that it's Hannah's responsibility to make things right.

OMG when things go down with Hannah I wanted to bitch-slap her something fierce! Lily holds her own, though, and I was rootin' for her the whole way! My only problem with Relentless was the abrupt ending. I really wanted to see some repercussions for Hannah. An epilogue would've been nice.

BTW, if you're a country music fan, I feel the responsibility to tell you that, in my mind, Luke looks like Jason Aldean. Pierced, tattooed, supremely hot, cowboy. Yummy!