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Hot in Here

Hot in Here - Sophie Renwick There were two things about HOT IN HERE by Sophie Renwick that hooked me.

One, the hot guy on the cover with the strategically placed female hands. Wowzers, I don’t know if I’ve ever been so jealous of a hand before in all my life!

Two, the hot bod on the cover belongs to a silver-tongued celeb chef. I think I’ll die right now. There is nothing sexier to this Lonestar Gal than a man who knows his way around the kitchen. And if he’s well-versed in the art of using chocolate syrup, peach bellini, and any other of his many concoctions, in alternative ways, then his hotness level just went through the roof!

Bryce Ryder lived up to my expectations, but the poor guy had a rough start. A not-so-pleasant childhood coupled with an ex-girlfriend from hell, left Bryce more than a little commitment-phobic. Now, he’s a playboy out for a good time. When his reputation is threatened after a less-than-stellar magazine article, he turns to the one woman he’s ever counted on to help him.

Jenna McCabe has loved Bryce since they became friends in high school. She knows him better than he knows himself…

She knew he was a womanizer. Heck, he went through women like NASCAR drivers went through tires, but she also knew that the Bryce she had fallen in love with all those years ago was not a heartless cad. If he was, he never would have bothered to befriend an awkward, unfashionable girl.

Jenna is desperate to get Bryce’s attention and so a plan to play vixen to his playboy forms. Page-after-page, I grew increasingly irritated with Jenna. Especially when it was obvious that Bryce wasn’t in it for the sex. And really, with the way he was worshiping her size 14 body, how could she be all that unsure of herself? It really showed how insecure Jenna was and how seeing Bryce with a different flavor every month for so long did a number on her heart. I understood where she was coming from, but after a while, her hang-ups seemed too forced to me.

As a whole, I thought the book was good. Once they visited their hometown of Lucan things really picked up for me. Jenna’s sister and Bryce’s brother, Sarah and Trey, play a huge role in this book. I’m intrigued by their relationship and what will come of it.

One complaint I have is that there were a lot of typos in the Kindle edition. At times it was jarring and took me completely out of the story.

HOT IN HERE receives a B from me strictly because I loved Bryce’s character development. If I were judging it on Jenna alone the mark would be considerably lower.

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