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From This Moment On (The Sullivans, #2)

From This Moment On (The Sullivans, #2) - Bella Andre I didn't think it would be possible to fall in love with another Sullivan brother. Not because I don't believe they're all great guys, but I thought none of them would be able to top Chase (whose story The Look of Love kicked off this series).

I was dead wrong.

Marcus Sullivan's sex-appeal lies not in how handsome he is, but rather the solid goodness and moral strength underneath all his polished good looks. He is the responsible older brother. When he was barely a man himself, he stepped up to the plate to help his mother raise his seven siblings after their father's death. He's the guy you'd want next to you through the good times and the bad. He's the one who would move mountains for those he loves. And to me, that's insanely sexy.

Nicola Harding is known to the world as Nico, pop-star and wild child. One bad choice in men has given her a naughty reputation. Growing tired of lies she reads about herself, Nicola impulsively decides if she's getting accused of it, she may as well do it -- and gives herself permission to take home a stranger for one night of passion.

I love how rational-thinking came into play once she'd gotten into the car with Marcus that first night. His response was spot-on! And I couldn't help but laugh at the results.

The sex isn't rushed into the story. But once it does happen, wow! Marcus is a dominate man. But he's the type of dominate that's absolutely perfect; gentle, demanding, and attentive.

These two have some struggles to overcome. Both are still hurting from ghosts of the past. Marcus is eleven-years older than Nicola. And there's the fact that Nicola isn't willing to drag Marcus into the life of a celebrity. She loves and respects him too much to disrupt the peaceful life he's made for himself. In the end, I love how Marcus won Nicola over to his way of thinking!

Looking forward to the next one in this series! But surely I won't love Gabe as much as I love Marcus! Hmm, where have I heard that before...? ;)