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More than Meets the Ink (Bowen, #1)

More than Meets the Ink (Bowen, #1) - Elle Aycart
Loved every moment of this book! James is the perfect mix of bossy, macho male and patient, loving guy. The things he puts up with from Tate should propel him into sainthood -- well, if not for his wickedly sinful ways. *wink* He's pushy, but it comes from a place of caring that's so deeply a part of him that Tate couldn't argue -- and neither would I!

Tate is complicated. After the tragic accident that killed her father and brother, she's running on autopilot. Her mother and sister have both checked-out and refuse to help her keep the family restaurant running. As if that weren't enough, she has her very own stalker to contend with. She stereotypes James because of his tattoos. She accuses him of being the type of bad boy her sister is known to fall for. Some of the things she says -- especially at the end -- are tough to swallow. But really, it's her way of distancing herself from him. She's afraid -- understandably so -- of losing someone else. And that fear just manifests the more she comes to realize James has fallen for her. But not once did I think she didn't truly love him.

It was obvious to me that Elle Aycart is a fairly new writer. There were quite a few repetitive descriptions in the first chapters that were distracting. But, I forged ahead, and I'm so glad I did. More than Meets the Ink turned out to be a great read, and one that I'll likely read again!