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Taking The Cake

Taking The Cake - Kate Davies Mollie's humiliated after overhearing her fiance's less-than-stellar thoughts of her while stuck in the rubber cake she hijacked from a stripper. Getting out of the cake is hard enough, seeing the dirt-bag fiance enjoying oral pleasures with a couple of strippers makes her furious, but realizing that her longtime crush is in attendance at the party to witness it all...takes the cake.

Remember that guy from high school that you couldn't stop thinking about? The one who walked the line between good and bad. The guy who made your heart pitter-patter and your knees go weak. Cade was that guy for Mollie. What Mollie doesn't realize, yet, is she's the girl Cade regrets never taking a chance on.

When Mollie asks Cade to help her wild girl come out, he's more than willing to play along. Cade's waited a long time to unleash the passion he feels for her. It'll take weeks to quench the thirst he feels. It may even take forever.

TAKING THE CAKE is a fun and sexy novella. In a matter of a few chapters I couldn't help but be reminded of my first serious crush. It's definitely the Kindle price!