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Rogue (Cat Star Chronicles, #3)

Rogue (Cat Star Chronicles, #3) - Cheryl Brooks The world-building found within the pages of ROGUE is amazing! Cheryl Brooks must have one heck of a character chart in order to keep up with the myriad of species in this sci-fi romance. ROGUE is the 3rd in Ms. Brooks’ Cat Star Chronicles, and surprisingly, I wasn’t lost having not read the first two books.

Kyra has never traveled outside of Earth. When she gets a job as a piano teacher for the Queen of Darconia’s children, she doesn’t know what to expect from the far-off world and its natives. Once there, she feels very out-of-place in the land of lizards! And her love life is looking pretty glum until the Queen shows off two of her most-cherished possessions: Zetithian brothers, Tychar and Trag. The brothers have been Queen Scalia’s exotic slaves (more like pets) for 20 years. Their kind is believed to be extinct after Zetith was destroyed. Zetithian males are quite the Casanovas! A unique feline gene gives them highly-extraordinary sexual powers! All I could think while reading this book is that they have some crazy magic penises! With a world full of these men, women could be very happy indeed.

Kyra’s immediate attraction – and orgasm – upon seeing Tychar was shocking. He smiled and she went off like a rocket. What’s interesting is that Zetithians are turned on by scent. Once they smell desire, they are full-on ready to play. It’s too bad for the Queen, Tychar and Trag are not aroused by Darconians. These beautifully sexual men have gone without for a looong time. The Queen is so pleased with the attraction between Kyra and Tychar, that she bestows him to Kyra as her personal attendant.

I thought the entire concept of the Cat Star Chronicles to be very good. I was very leery at first because it is written in first-person point-of-view. I've been known to pass up more than one book because of that. I prefer the depth attained by reading multiple (especially the hero’s) POVs. One POV just feels like you put a limit on the imagination. About halfway through, I became a bit bored sitting around in Kyra’s head, but I pushed through and I’m really glad I did!

Tychar’s subservience is a lot more endearing than I thought it would be. He truly worships Kyra in such adoring ways. He and Trag crave love just as much as sex. Despite what may have been said about this book, trust me when I say it is not a ménage story. There is one encounter, but it is an act of love more than anything else. Trag’s sexual-suffering afterwards is amusing. He’s so bold! I like that he respected the relationship between Tychar and Kyra so much.

ROGUE’s storyline gave way to action in the last third of the book. I was swept back in and wound-up enjoying it a lot more than I believed I would. A glimpse of previous characters has me intrigued just enough to add the other books to my TBR stack! I may have to skip ahead to read Trag’s book, HERO, first. He’s just too irresistible for me to wait.

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